Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lemon Posset with Tom & Johann Doorley (in conjunction with Lidl!)

I know I promised this review weeks ago, but for starters its been the busiest month and secondly, it was hard to choose which dish to try out. So in time old tradition (and partly because I'm a lover of anything lemon) I'm starting with desert - Lemon Posset.

This recipe features on page 203 of this smashing little book and at first glance I decided that it couldn't possibly be a simple as it looked. I remembered having Lemon Posset in the Tannery, Dungarvan many years ago and along with their slow cooked fillet of beef, its a dish I've dreamed of ever since.

The ingredients are as follows:

500ml Morning Fresh Double Cream
125gr Cordelia sugar
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 1/2 lemons
175gr Blueberries (the blurb states that Raspberries can be substituted here and would be equally glorious I imagine)

And for the method?
Simply put the cream and sugar in a saucepan over a medium heat. Sitr until sugar has dissolved then add the lemon zest and juice and stir. Turn up the heat, bring to the boil then remove from heat and cool a little

And thats practically it!

While the mixture is cooling, divide the blueberries up between your dishes/glasses (more on this in a minute!) then pour the lemon and cream mixture in on top. Allow to cool before putting in the fridge overnight.

The recipe suggests that you then serve this chilled with some fingers of shortbread on the side.

And now comes my tuppence worth...

When deciding what to serve this in, why not be a little adventurous. The Doorleys suggest glass tumblers, but I'd say go a step further. If you have shot glasses (desert is about all mine are used for these days) champagne flutes or anything else transparent and pretty then work away. We say glass as the sight of the slightly softened blueberries through the glass adds an extra touch.

In this image I've used a liquor glass and put my shortbread alongside.

But if you've made this for a posh dinner party (isn't staying in the new going out?) then why not stretch yourself. With very little extra effort you could wow your guests with a Trio of Deserts. I suggest a small slice of the Chocolate Raspberry Cake, also in Home Cooking on page 216 (in my photo I simply used a brownie) and then a little bundle of fresh fruit in another corner of your plate, dust everything with castor sugar and bobs your uncle, your guests will think you're Michel Roux.

Anyhow, this Masterchef is off to to take on her next challenge... the Homemade Pizza on page 132. First time I've ever tried it, but if the recipe is even half as simple as the Lemon Posset, I know I'll be ok.

And if its a disaster at least I have a Trio of Desert to look forward to... This blogging lark is great!



  1. I'm really glad you liked the lemon posset! It's one our favourites too.

    1. So simple & packing such a lemony punch - its the ideal finish to a good meal... thanks so much for the recipe!

  2. How about a recipe for shortbread to go with it, please?!