Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A midweek staple...

One thing we get asked on our FB page time and time again is for simple, tasty midweek suppers. This recipe below is one I kind of made up (nothing new there) and it covers all those bases in addition to being very healthy.
We cook stir fry at least twice a week in our house and its generally Mondays and Tuesdays that are allotted stir fry on the planner. This is mostly because I buy all the fresh fruit and veg in Swans-On-the-Green on Sundays but also because its nice to at least start the week on a good note. I used to laugh (and probably complain) to my mother for having certain dishes on certain nights but it works, at least you have a good idea of where you're at when getting home late on a busy Tuesday. To slightly alternate its usually Salmon Stirfry on Mondays and Chicken/pork on Tuesdays, sometimes with wholegrain basmati rice or sometimes noodles. Usually Wednesday its pasta (cooked by my good husband) and from there the week goes steadily downhill to the Saturday night steak treat!

So here goes with my recipe:

Two peppers (any color you wish but I usually go with red & yellow as there's other green veg used in recipe)
couple of cloves of garlic
I onion
Green beans/mangetout/sugar snap peas or combination of all three
bean sprouts if you're partial
I carrot sliced really finely
peanuts/cashews/pumpkin seeds/sesame seeds
(and whatever else you like in a stir fry)

2 salmon steaks
soy sauce
sweet chilli dip
Harissa paste (if you can get your hands on it)


chop up all your veg
combine about 1 tablesp sweet chilli sauce with a teasp of harissa paste in a ramekin
put your salmon steaks in an oven proof dish and paint with sweet chilli/harissa mix (note this totally gets rid of the 'fishy' taste that sometimes reminds you you've eaten salmon hours later)
pop in oven at 180 degrees

heat up your wok
add in a dash of sesame seed oil (or whatever oil you use for cooking)
when its really hot bung in your veg
when veg starts to soften chuck in a few dashes of soy sauce (it'll make a cool sizzle)
Throw in some peanuts if you have them (or cashews if you're really feeling flush) and I usually bung in a few sesame seeds/pumpkin seeds too for added nutrition
Meanwhile have your rice/noodles cooking away

*a note about rice here. Don't fool yourself with that cheapo white globby rubbish. Go and get yourself some good quality Basmati and slowly start introducing some wholegrain Basmati into the mix until your taste buds acclimatise to both the quality and nutty flavour. Its better for you and honestly, you'll never look back...

Lecture over, back to the recipe

Your salmon should be done at this stage so you just need to plate up.

It's that simple, enjoy!

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