Monday, 25 March 2013

Winner Alright!

Right, well the horse jokes have abated slightly, but there’s no doubt that the word ‘burger’ still leaves a nasty taste in most people’s mouths... But there's a long weekend on the horizon, and why not treat yourself an equine-free delight...

I have to admit to being slightly smug as it’s a long time since I bought a pre-made burger from any source – artisan butcher or supermarket. And I can still remember the burger that made me want to make my own and it was consumed in the Avoca Cafe in Rathcoole... I have an annoying habit of eating like a Masterchef contestant in a John Torode-led taste test and on this particular occasion it must have taken me a full thirty minutes to eat this burger as I tried to work out how I could replicate it at home.
Anyway, below is my take on the Avoca-style burger. I’m in no way saying that it even remotely resembles what was in that legendary burger that day but it sure as hell is better than anything I’d ever cooked at home before.
I’m assisted in my homemade burger making by a nifty gadget I bought once at a Tupperware party called a ‘burger press’ and it does help make a lovely size of compact and uniform burger.
Serving suggestions:
I personally don’t see any point in making a lovely artisan burger and lopping it between two hideous cheap ‘bundy’ buns, so I generally try to buy some nice floury white baps or some lightly toasted ciabatta (sliced to fit if need be). Also you can’t beat some nice tasty relish on your burger bun, some rocket and thick slices of tomato-y tomatos…
Other optional extras are slices of good cheddar cheese, raw red onion or fried white onion, onion rings and of course, chips. For chips we generally use sliced new potatoes drizzled in olive oil and cooked in the oven, sprinked with smoked paprika when done, or sweet potato chips, also done in the oven…

Anyhow, here’s my burger recipe:
500gr GOOD QUALITY minced beef
1 large egg
8 sprigs of parsley finely chopped
3 spring onions finely chopped
I large dollop of tomato sauce or brown sauce if you prefer
Dash of Worcesterhire sauce
(optional additions: I finely chopped de-seeded chilli  or 2 teasp of wholegrain mustard)

Anyhow bung the whole lot into your food processor or mix well by hand. 
Then divide up into six or eight (depending on the size of your desired burger!)
Roll into balls then flatten into patties (or use your burger press) and cook to taste. Remember these will be quite chunky so if you don’t want them pink on the inside then you could finish in the oven.

Let us know how you get on!

Margaret xx

Yum yum yum…

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